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Polishing Products

Polishing Products / Polishing Stones

EDM Polishing Stones

AM-8 - Excellent ultrasonic stone; strong, holds shape.

AS-9 - Great with profiler and hand stoning.

Golden Star - Exceptional performance on EDM surfaces, milling and machining marks.

Orange EDM - Fast cutting action with consistent breakdown.

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EDM Polishing Stones from BORIDE

General Purpose Polishing Stones - Aluminum Oxide

AM-2 - Our most popular general purpose stone; soft, fast breakdown.

Die Stone - Slightly harder than AM-2

AM-K - White aluminum oxide stone good for machined surfaces.

AS-H - White aluminum oxide stone softer than AM-K.

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General Purpose Polishing Stones - Aluminum Oxide from BORIDE

General Purpose Polishing Stones-Silicon Carbide

CS - Fast cutting black silicon carbide.

CS-M - Premium green silicon carbide, fast cutting, medium hardness.

CS-HD - Harder stone than CS-M, excellent for hardened steel, 47-63Rc.

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General Purpose Polishing Stones-Silicon Carbide from BORIDE

Specialty Polishing Stones

RASP - Our most versatile all-around finishing stone.

PC - A quick contouring finishing stone designed for rapid stock removal.

T2 - Excellent stone for STAINLESS steel.

T4 - Engineered for finishing ALUMINUM and soft metals.

AO - Aggressive stone for general mill removal as well as EDM.

TH - Performs well on all types of tool steels.

900-F - Very fine stone for superfine finishing.

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Specialty Polishing Stones from BORIDE

Roughing Polishing Stones

Ruby - Fast stock removal.

RO-GS - A soft aluminum oxide the RO-GS is an excellent roughing stone for large tools and dies.

Roughout - Excellent for roughing large molds and dies; softer stone, aggressive cutting, 80-220 grits.

RO-MED - Excellent for mold contours because of its fast breakdown.

RO-HARD - Excellent for detailing sharp corners and steps.

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Roughing Polishing Stones from BORIDE