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BORIDE Introduces New Belt Sticks

  1. 5/6/2016
  2. Belt Sticks are versatile tools ideal for metal finishing, woodworking, mold finishing, ceramics, electronics, pattern making, welding cleanup, jewelry making, gun repair, and much more. They are used for sanding and smoothing hard-to-reach areas and are equipped with a tip that can be easily reshaped specifically for your application. These multi-functional Belt Sticks feature three working areas: a flat bottom, a round end and a tapered end for intricate areas. They accommodate 1/4", 1/2" or 3/4" wide aluminum oxide abrasive belts that fit onto the spring-loaded tensioning device allowing the abrasive belt to be quickly changed and also rotated so that all areas of the belt can be used. Abrasive belts are resin-bonded cloth-backed aluminum oxide and are available in 6 different grits: 120, 180, 240, 320, 400 & 600. Use them dry or with water, oil or solvents.

    Other product features include:

    • Replaceable abrasive belts can be easily indexed around the tool enabling the economical use of the entire abrasive material
    • Ergonomic shape for added comfort
    • Thumb and finger supports for added control
    • Supplied in 5 colors to quickly distinguish one grit from another 
    Not only are these Belt Sticks economical, they are MADE IN THE USA. Purchase a Belt Stick (with 1 belt) or purchase a convenient Belt Stick Kit. Replacement Belts (packs of 10) are also available. 

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