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Slurry Coated Abrasive Strips

Made of rayon with a unique backing material these Slurry Coated Abrasive Polishing Strips are strong and durable. A blend of various types of micron particle minerals along with silicon carbide is applied to each strip in a slurry coating process. The micron grading technique used for these products yields abrasive particles the same size and shape to achieve a consistent finish each time. Ideal for wet or dry use.

The Slurry Coated Abrasive Strips are perfect for hard to reach areas while providing consistent results. Available in a pack of 9 color coded grits with 2 sheets of each grit.
May be used by hand or in our Mini Saw Frame with Handle. 

Pre-Cut Strips measure 5/32" W x 7" L each. 
360 - Gray
400 - Orange
600 - Brown 
800 - White
1000 - Red
1200 - Green
1500 - Purple
2000 - Yellow
4000 - Blue 

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