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Price: $2.70 to $47.64
AM-2 General Purpose Polishing Stone: our most popular general purpose stone! An excellent all-around finishing stone, AM-2 is engineered for hand polishing all types of mold and die steels, including SAE 1030 pre-heat treated P-20, H-13, S-7 and T-420.

Die Stone

Price: $2.70 to $29.87
Die Stone General Purpose Polishing Stone: Similar to the AM-2 finishing stone but slightly harder and breaks down more slowly. Engineered for use on both hard and soft tool steels. Provides consistent breakdown and fast cutting action.


Price: $2.66 to $20.29
AM-K General Purpose Polishing Stone: A white aluminum oxide finishing stone of medium-hard structure that performs well on all types of mold steel. Used dry for rough forming & removal of machining marks on A2, A6, D2, DC53, O6, S7, & P20.


Price: $2.66 to $8.11
AS-H General Purpose Polishing Stone: Similar to the AM-K finishing stone but is slightly softer and works well on tool steels as well as non-ferrous materials. It conforms quickly to varied pre-shaped surfaces.


Price: $2.43 to $17.81
CS General Purpose Polishing Stone: A soft black silicon carbide finishing stone designed to breakdown rapidly & conform to a variety of details & is mostly used for hand polishing. Used on all tool steels & for roughing out some non-ferrous materials.


Price: $2.70 to $35.66
CS-M General Purpose Polishing Stone: A premium green silicon carbide finishing stone with superb cutting capabilities. A special bond makes CS-M non-loading with a medium soft hardness for excellent polishing. Produces a silky matte finish.


Price: $2.70 to $35.66
CS-HD General Purpose Polishing Stone: Compared to the CS or CS-M, CS-HD has a harder structure & breaks down more slowly. Can be used to polish even the hardest die & mold steels. Great for use on EDM surfaces.


Price: $3.35 to $47.85
RASP Specialty Polishing Stone: Our most versatile all-around finishing stone! Made from select premium aluminum oxide grain & developed by professionals in the trade. Has an outstanding cut & finish on most tool steels, aluminum & even EDM surfaces.


Price: $3.35 to $47.85
PC Specialty Polishing Stone: Made from premium select aluminum oxide grain, premium bond and a proprietary treatment process. It is a quick contouring finishing stone designed for rapid stock removal. Engineered to be used as a final finishing stone.


Price: $3.03 to $47.85
T2 Specialty Polishing Stone for Stainless Steel


Price: $3.03 to $47.85
T4 Specialty Polishing Stone for Aluminum surfaces


Price: $2.47 to $46.59
AO Specialty Polishing Stone: Filled with lubricant during the manufacturing process, AO does not require lengthy pre-lubrication. Offers excellent breakdown characteristics & yet retains its shape well, especially when polishing mold cavity details.


Price: $3.03 to $47.85
TH Specialty Polishing Stone: Made from premium grade aluminum oxide, then specially treated to provide a load resistant, smooth cutting action. Holds its shape making it ideal for polishing corners. Excellent stone choice for EDM surfaces.


Price: $3.89 to $9.24
900-F Specialty Polishing Stone: An aluminum oxide stone with super-fine structure & excellent breakdown properties for final finishing prior to mirror (diamond polished) finishing. Primarily used for hand finishing operations.


Price: $5.10 to $7.39
RO-GS Roughing Stone: A soft aluminum oxide roughout stone that is excellent for roughing large tools & dies. It will rapidly remove scratches or machine tool marks & is exceptionally formulated for rapid stock removal.


Price: $4.42 to $19.06
Roughout Polishing Stone for rapid, aggressive stock removal


Price: $5.19 to $19.06
RO-MED Roughing Stone: A medium-hard aluminum oxide stone and is an excellent roughout stone for mold contours because of its fast breakdown. It offers rapid and aggressive stock removal.


Price: $2.65 to $7.59
Ruby Roughing Stone: An aluminum oxide roughing stone is extremely fast cutting and performs well on all tool steels. It provides sharp cutting action for fast stock removal. The consistent breakdown allows the stone to be used dry without loading.


Price: $5.19 to $19.06
RO-HARD Roughing Stone: An aluminum oxide roughing stone that is an excellent choice for detailing sharp corners and steps. RO-HD offers rapid and aggressive stock removal.
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