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BORIDE's Economical Solution For General Use Applications
BORIDE’s Adamas brand of diamond compound offers an economical solution for general use and mold and die applica­tions. Adamas’ consistent blend consists mostly of synthetic diamond and is available in a broad range of grades and concentrations to meet the demands of general use applications. Available in either oil-based or water-based formulations and medium, heavy and extra heavy concentrations.

 Grade/Color Micron Application
 100/Black 100-150 Stock Removal
170/Dark Gray 80-100 Stock Removal
 230/Purple 54-80 Stock Removal
 45/Brown 36-54 Stock Removal
 30/Dark Red 22-36 Stock Removal
25/Black Cherry 20-30 Stock Removal
20/Light Blue 15-25 Pre-Polish Lapping
 15/Dark Blue  12-22 Pre-Polish Lapping
9/Green  8-12 Pre-Polish Lapping
 6/Orange 4-8 Final & Pre-Polish
 4/Pink 2-6 Final & Pre-Polish
 3/Yellow 2-4  Final Polish
 2/Lavender 1-3 Final Polish
 1/Ivory 0-2  Final Polish 
 1/2 / Light Gray  0-1 Final Polish 
1/4 / Gray 0-1/2  Final Polish 
1/10 / White  0-1/4  Final Polish 


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