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These core values along with our business strategy govern the operation of our company. They foster excellence and assure our long-term prosperity. All of us must understand them, believe in them and practice them to the fullest.

Our customers are our reason for being

Customers define their complete needs for products including quality, performance, service and price. Our job is to listen to them, understand these needs and in concert with our business strategy, act to meet them.

Employees are our most valuable assets

We will encourage and support all employees contributing their abilities toward the success of the business. To enable every employee to achieve a high level of participation we will:
  • Establish a nurturing environment of mutual trust and respect.
  • Provide training to increase skills and knowledge.
  • Communicate thoroughly about our business.
  • Increase employee involvement in continuous improvement and business affairs.
  • Business success will permit sharing profitability with all employees.

Safety is vital

Process design, operating procedures, training, equipment selection and product design must all address this core value.

Everything is accomplished with a process

Production, handling an order, development projects, communications and everything else is the result of processes. Elimination of waste and other improvements in customer service, quality, productivity, safety and any other area are achieved by process refinement. Process improvement is based upon using a systematic, one-step-at-a-time approach including:

  • Fact based problem identification and problem solving.
  • Quality performance tools.
  • Teams when appropriate.
  • Continuous improvement is an essential ongoing part of business growth and success.

Operate strategically

Adopt and operate with a clear long-term strategy for the Company. This framework will guide those choices that determine our nature and direction. Establish tactical goals based on this strategy and involve everyone in the process of establishing them. Leadership must be strategically oriented.

Utilize sound environmental protection.

Maintain an understanding of current practices, laws and regulations and incorporate these responsibilities in our operations promptly. Include waste reduction and recycling in our goals.

Be good citizens in our community

Support and encourage employee involvement in community affairs and organizations. Contribute to local charities.

Operate ethically

At all times practice business ethics that are above reproach in dealing with our customers, employees, suppliers and the community.