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3M Micro-Finish Film Belt Sticks are fast cutting abrasives for precise, uniform, close-tolerance finishes.
3M Micro-Finish Film Belt Sticks in money saving kits.
3M Micro-Finish Replacement Belts

Belt Sticks

Price: $3.25 to $7.25
Belt Sticks - Belt Sticks are versatile tools ideal for metal finishing, woodworking, mold finishing, ceramics, electronics, pattern making, welding cleanup, jewelry making, gun repair, and much more.
Replacement Abrasive Belts - Replacement abrasive belts can be easily indexed around the tool enabling economical use of the entire abrasive material.
10 Piece Belt Stick Kit

PSA Discs

Price: $0.24 to $0.58
PSA Discs - long lasting and fast cutting in mold polishing applications.
PSA Strips for polishing ribs and slots. Offer outstanding stock removal.
PSA Silicon Carbide Abrasive Coated Strips are made from high quality wet/dry Silicon Carbide paper sourced from Germany.