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DIAMAX Diamond Compound - BORIDE's premium brand of diamond compound and the leading choice for all polishing applications. Offers faster cut rates and better surface finishes than other brands.
Adamas Diamond Compound - BORIDE's economical solution for general use applications. A consistent blend of synthetic diamond particles available in a broad range of grades and concentrations to meet general use demands.
Mold Makers Diamond Compound - BORIDE's most versatile yet cost effective diamond compound. Specially engineered for precision finishing for all types of mold and die applications.
Mold Makers Diamond Compound, Super Duty - BORIDE's most versatile yet cost effective diamond compound with a "super" concentration of consistently blended diamond particles.
​Mold Makers Diamond Compound Kits are the perfect way to try a wide range of grades at a cost savings.


Price: $3.07 to $28.84
DIAMAX Thinner - Used to thin the slurry, extend the diamond compound and reduce gumming.