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BORIDE's Premium Brand of Diamond Compound

DIAMAX is BORIDE’s premium brand of diamond compound and the leading choice for all polishing applications. It is formulated for a broad range of mold and die finishing work offering faster cut rates and better surface finishes than other brands. It also offers excellent surface tension and adhesion to tool surfaces. This precise blend of natural diamond offers unsurpassed cutting capability, toughness and extended durability resulting in superior finishing. DIAMAX is a medium-heavy concentration that is both water and oil soluble. 

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 Grade/Color Mesh Application
 1-STD/White 14,000 Final Polish
3-STD/Yellow 8,000 Final Polish
 6-STD/Orange 3,000 Final & Pre-Polish
 8-STD/Green 1,800 Pre-Polish Lapping
 14-STD/Blue 1,200 Pre-Polish Lapping
 25-STD/Red 800 Stock Removal
 45-STD/Brown 325 Stock Removal


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