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Price: $2.70 to $47.64
AM-2 General Purpose Polishing Stone: our most popular general purpose stone! An excellent all-around finishing stone, AM-2 is engineered for hand polishing all types of mold and die steels, including SAE 1030 pre-heat treated P-20, H-13, S-7 and T-420.

Die Stone

Price: $2.70 to $29.87
Die Stone General Purpose Polishing Stone: Similar to the AM-2 finishing stone but slightly harder and breaks down more slowly. Engineered for use on both hard and soft tool steels. Provides consistent breakdown and fast cutting action.


Price: $2.66 to $20.29
AM-K General Purpose Polishing Stone: A white aluminum oxide finishing stone of medium-hard structure that performs well on all types of mold steel. Used dry for rough forming & removal of machining marks on A2, A6, D2, DC53, O6, S7, & P20.


Price: $2.66 to $8.11
AS-H General Purpose Polishing Stone: Similar to the AM-K finishing stone but is slightly softer and works well on tool steels as well as non-ferrous materials. It conforms quickly to varied pre-shaped surfaces.