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Designed for larger polishing, de-burring and smoothing jobs

Cratex® Rubberized Abrasives are made with oil-resistant chemical rubber. In contrast to conventional grinding wheels, the Cratex® bond has unique cushioned action … cuts freely, smoothly and softly without gouging or digging into the work surface. It resists clogging or smearing, and is ideal for a broad range of applications where metallic or non metallic surfaces must be smoothed and polished without loss of dimensional tolerances or control.

Cratex® Large Wheels have found wide application for removing rust, heat marks, tarnish, excess solder, scratches, corrosion, blending in and polishing welded seams after rough grinding, polishing bearing surfaces and raceways, removing burrs and breaking edges, smoothing and polishing castings and punched or sheared seams after rough grinding...polishing bearing surfaces and raceways...removing burrs and breaking edges...smoothing and polishing castings and punched or sheared pieces...wet sanding of gem stones...trimming plastic articles...smoothing glass before welding or soldering...and for countless other deburring, smoothing, and polishing operations.

Grits are as follows:
  • Coarse (C) - Green
  • Medium (M) - Dark Brown
  • Fine (F) - Reddish Brown
  • Extra Fine (XF) - Grey Green
Special shapes and sizes available by request. Contact Customer Service at: 
Phone: 231-929-2121 Toll Free: 800-662-0336 Email:
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