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  1. Achievement in Workplace Safety

  2. 7/10/2023
  3. 5 years without a lost time accident!
  4. BORIDE Engineered Abrasives has worked hard over its’ existence as a local manufacturer to provide a safe working environment for all employees.  “Employees are key to business success” is a pillar of our Quality Policy.  We strive to communicate on a daily basis regarding items in our plant that may affect our employees, their work processes, and their job responsibilities.  We encourage everyone to lead from where they stand and communicate in a timely manner when things do not “seem right”, because, most times things are not right and require the attention of our support groups to help remedy the situation.

    By working together, we are able to check and adjust on a daily basis to insure the safe operation of our plant.  And together we can celebrate this milestone of a safe working environment – 5 years without a lost time accident.  We thank our employees for their hard work and dedication!  Congratulations on this great achievement.

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New Products

  1. Beginner's Polishing Bundle

  2. 6/11/2024
  3. Simplify mould polishing with Boride’s new all-in-one beginner’s kit
  4. BORIDE's new comprehensive polishing kit is designed to help brand new polishers and experienced professionals alike to achieve up to a 600 grit finish on their molds and dies with ease. The Beginner's Polishing Bundle includes a U-LAP 70 profiler, 5 different stone kits, stoning oil and holders; all the essential tools to streamline the polishing process. Tailored for beginners, it simplifies the steps to achieve a high-quality finish, but is also perfect for experienced polishers as an easy, cost-effective way to stock their bench with a selection of premium products and equipment conveniently packaged together.
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  1. New! Mounted Ceramic Super Stones and Rubber Mounted Points!

  2. 3/12/2024
  3. 2 New products crafted to make your project shine brighter than ever before.
  4. Introducing two fresh arrivals that'll make your polishing process bloom with efficiency and precision!

    Say hello to Mounted Ceramic Super Stones: These stones are the same exceptional round shape ceramic super stones you know and love, but now mounted on a 3mm mandrel for a wider range of use. Perfect product for deburring, polishing, grinding, and removing EDM scale.

    And that's not all! Embrace the versatility of Daiwa Rabin Rubber Mounted Points: Perfect for tackling those intricate polishing tasks with ease on a variety of materials. Extremely durable, and clog resistant making it long-lasting for continuous use.

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  1. New AS-9 PLUS Finishing Stone

  2. 10/3/2023
  3. We are thrilled to introduce a new formulation to our polishing stone lineup!
  4. We are thrilled to introduce a new formulation to our polishing stone lineup, the AS-9 PLUS, which is an enhanced version of our popular AS-9 stone! The AS-9 PLUS is engineered to produce the same fast, smooth cutting action our customers have come to expect from the AS-9, but with superior finishing capabilities. Like the standard AS-9, the PLUS is a medium-hard stone with moderate breakdown that can be used wet or dry and either by hand or in a reciprocating profiler. What sets it apart is that it is manufactured using premium aluminum oxide grain, which produces wider scratches on the mold surface and results in an overall smoother and more brilliant finish. 

    Currently available in grits 320-800 and in a variety of our most popular sizes. 

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  1. Pink Mounted Points

  2. 9/14/2023
  3. Our NEW Pink Mounted Points are an excellent addition to our line of mounted points.
  4. They consist of friable pink aluminum oxide alloyed with chrome which results in an exceptionally tough & durable point with sharp cutting action. They are of medium hardness and offer fast, cool cutting without loading. Excellent form holding characteristics make these the perfect application selection for work on harder alloys and tool steels.

    Click here to view our complete offering of mounted points and wheels or download our product booklet
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  1. Mold Repair Starter Kit

  2. 7/10/2023
  3. Introducing BORIDE's New convenient, all-in-one mold repair & polishing kit!
  4. This convenient, all-in-one mold repair & polishing kit includes a variety of our most popular products to get you from start to final finish. Perfect for beginner polishers and expert polishers alike, the Mold Repair Starter Kit comes in a portable lightweight plastic case that can be carried directly to the mold for instant repair or neatly stored at your workstation. 

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  1. ENESKAsonic Ultrasonic Polisher Set

  2. 3/7/2023
  3. Product Spotlight! The ENESKAsonic Ultrasonic Polisher Set!
  4. Product Spotlight

    We'd like to tell you more about the most innovative advancement in the field of ultrasonic polishing, the ENESKAsonic Ultrasonic System! This leading edge system offers convenient high-tech engineering and a sophisticated design.

    • Used for polishing and lapping in the frequency range of 20 and 30 kH
    • Intuitive touch operation combined with a rotary controller on high-quality glass
    • Modern LED-assisted multi-functional display
    • Auto Tune function that determines optimum frequency
    • Boost function for applications requiring greater power
    • Adjustable power control suitable for fine, delicate work
    • Lightweight and comfortable handpiece
    • Available in 110v & 220v options
    • Made in Germany


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  1. New! PIKAL Care Metal Polish

  2. 3/7/2023
  3. The gentle abrasive that will help any surface shine more brightly.
  4. Pikal Care is an oil based, emulsified white alumina-based metal polish for polishing metals such as stainless steel, brass, copper, aluminum, tin and iron.  It contains very fine-grit alumina particles which help polish a variety of metals to a high luster. 
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  1. HTSG-3S High Torque Air Grinder

  2. 10/26/2022
  3. Most powerful high torque grinder in the air micro grinder series.
  4. BORIDE Engineered Abrasives is excited to add a new air grinder to our extensive line of polishing equipment. The new HTSG-3S High Torque Air Grinder is the most powerful grinder in our air micro grinder series. Its rotational speed is limited to 24,000 RPM providing stable torque with constant grinding performance under load, making it ideal for mounted abrasives with low maximum RMP speed requirements. Still lightweight with an ergonomic body, the HTSG-3S uses 40% less air than the existing models, reducing plant air consumption, but still has double the torque and power.

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  1. The Work Finisher Tool

  2. 5/2/2022
  3. A new series of ceramic deburring & deflashing blades.
  4. We're excited to introduce a new series of safe and easy to use ceramic deburring and deflashing tools. The Work Finisher Tool is ideal for deburring and chamfering non-ferrous metals such as copper, aluminum and brass products and excels on ultra-hard resins like glass-fiber, carbon-fiber and talc filled plastics while eliminating the fear of cutting your hands, fingers or damaging the molded part in the process. 

    Click here to learn more or download our product flyer for further information. 

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  1. NEW Cristone® End Bristle Brushes

  2. 3/17/2020
  3. The Latest in High Performance Deburring of PrecisionParts!
  4. We're excited to announce New Cristone® End Bristle Brushes are now available! 

    Cristone® End Bristle Brushes are the perfect ceramic abrasive to provide fine surface polishing and high performance deburring of precision parts. Excellent for aggressive finishing and tool mark removal and works well on a variety of steels, brass, aluminum alloy and copper. Use for cross hole deburring, surface finishing and polishing for aircraft parts, engine blocks an medical devices. 

    Download our Product Flyer for further information. 
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