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Specialty Polishing Stone · Treated Aluminum Oxide · Medium-Hard Structure with Moderate Breakdown

TH is made from premium grade aluminum oxide, then specially treated to provide a load resistant, smooth cutting action. The TH finishing stone holds its shape making it ideal for polishing corners. It is an excellent stone choice for EDM (electrical discharge machining) surfaces and performs well on all types of tool steels. TH is a medium-hard structured stone great for polishing ribs, slots, letters, and hard to reach places. It can be used either by hand with one of our Hand Holders or with reciprocating profilers like our U-Lap and Turbo-Lap Air Profilers. Must be used with a lubricant to prevent stone loading. Try our Premium Stoning Oil or BORI-LUBE 10

Available in 150-1200 grit and a wide variety of sizes.
Also available in regular and fine grit kits.

These helpful links will assist you in choosing the perfect finishing stone for your application:

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