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BORIDE's Most Versatile Yet Cost Effective Diamond Compound

Mold Makers Diamond is our most versatile yet cost effective diamond compound. It is very well known in the industry as it was specially engineered for precision finishing for all types of mold and die applications. Consistent particle distribution and a wide ther­mal processing range allow it to be used under the most demanding conditions. It is the most versatile diamond compound that we offer due to the number of grades and concentrations available. Mold Mak­ers Diamond consists of a precise blend of synthetic diamond particles resulting in an aggressive yet cost effective product. Unique 5 and 18 gram syringes are dial controlled offering precise distribution. Available in either oil-based or water-based formulations and medium, heavy and extra heavy concentrations.
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 Grade/Color Micron Application
 100/Black 100-150 Stock Removal
170/Dark Gray 80-100 Stock Removal
 230/Purple 54-80 Stock Removal
 45/Brown 36-54 Stock Removal
 30/Red 22-36 Stock Removal
20/Light Blue 15-25 Pre-Polish Lapping
 15/Blue  12-22 Pre-Polish Lapping
9/Green  8-12 Pre-Polish Lapping
 6/Orange 4-8 Final & Pre-Polish
 4/Pink 2-6 Final & Pre-Polish
 3/Yellow 2-4  Final Polish
 2/Lavender 1-3 Final Polish
 1/White 0-2  Final Polish 
 1/2 / Light Gray  0-1 Final Polish 
1/4 / Gray 0-1/2  Final Polish 
1/10 / Ivory 0-1/4  Final Polish 

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