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Roughing Stone · Aluminum Oxide · Medium-Hard Structure with Moderate to Fast Breakdown

The RO-MED is a medium-hard aluminum oxide stone and is an excellent roughout stone for mold contours because of its fast breakdown. It offers rapid and aggressive stock removal. RO-MED can be used with or without a lubricant such as our  Premium Stoning Oil or BORI-LUBE 10. Use either by hand (check out our offering of Hand Holders!) or with reciprocating profilers like our U-Lap and Turbo-Lap Air Profilers

Available in 80-220 grit and a variety of sizes.

From soft to hard, BORIDE Roughing Stones enable rapid, aggressive stock removal. Following is our line of roughing stones in order of hardness, softest to hardest: RO-GS, Roughout, RO-MED, Ruby, RO-HARD.  

These helpful links will assist you in choosing the perfect finishing stone for your application:

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