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Variety of Cratex® Shapes and Mandrels in kits for multiple applications.

Three Cratex® Kits are available to provide a variety of shapes and sizes.

Introductory Kit #777 - 80 Assorted Pieces & 4 Mandrels
Kit contains 80 Wheels and Points plus 4 Mandrels. Packaged in a four compartment plastic box by grit textures Coarse (C), Medium (M), Fine (F), & Extra Fine (XF) for easy selection. Ideal for use in a wide range of polishing, smoothing and deburring applications.

Point Test Kit #778 - 64 Assorted Pieces & 4 Mandrels
Kit contains two each of all eight Cratex® Point shapes equally assorted in four grit textures; Coarse (C), Medium (M), Fine (F), & Extra Fine (XF) - a total of 64 Points plus two No. 4 and two No. 6 Point Mandrels. Ideal for deburring, smoothing and polishing hard to reach surfaces.

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