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Mold Polishing Stone Kits offer a variety of grits for mold polishing applications. Choose Standard or Fine Grit Sets.
Standard Mounted Point Kits offer a variety of shapes and sizes designed specifically for the mold and die maker
Multi-Polishing Stone Kits offer a convenient sample assortment of different stone types in one kit.

Cristone® Kits

Price: $39.50 to $70.50
Cristone Crystal Fiber Stones are perfect for detail polishing and available in a money saving kit
Premium Purple Mounted Point Kits offer a variety of sizes and shapes for long lasting, but cool cutting action in mold polishing applications
Miniature Ceramic Stone Kits - Extremely strong and thin stones for tight ribs and slots in a money saving kit.
Ceramic Super Stones in a kit. Excellent detail polishing stones - especially for EDM removal.
Ceramic Diamond Stone Kits for polishing ribs, slots and sidewalls in a money saving kit
Sharpening Stone Assortment Kit for deburring, sharpening and honing. They are oil pre-filled to save time and eliminate the necessity of presoaking the stone prior to its first use.
Polishing Stone Holders are essential to having the best control when hand polishing or to use stones with polishing equipment.

Cratex® Kits

Price: $96.86 to $296.97
Cratex Kits contain a variety of shapes and mandrels for multiple applications

Diamond File Kits

Price: $75.17 to $135.00
Diamond File Kits for any application. Hand Taper, Needle Taper and Diamond Tip Lapper File Kits Available.
An assortment of wood sticks for lapping and finishing by hand or with reciprocating and rotary tools.
PSA Starter Disc Set contains an assortment of our long lasting, fast-cutting durable discs and flexible rubber pad holders.