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Ceramic Fibers · Available in 3 Sizes · 3mm Mandrel

Same exceptional round shape ceramic super stones are now available mounted on a 3mm mandrel for a wider range of use. Mounted Ceramic Super Stones can support high-speed rotation up to 50,000 - 60,000 rpm for use in air grinders, like our HTSG-3S High Torque Air Grinder or the MSG-3BSN Air Grinder. Also compatible with electric grinders and ultrasonic polishers. The entire surface has grinding power making it the perfect tool for deburring, polishing, and removing EDM (electrical discharge machining) scale. It's also possible to reach difficult areas like small holes and narrow cavities by shaping the tip with electroplated diamond points or diamond dresser. Suitable for general steel, mold steel, stainless steel, various alloy steels and aluminum. 

Available in 3 sizes: 
1.0 mm x 9mm x 3mm
1.5 mm x 9mm x 3mm
2.0 mm x 9mm x 3mm

Offered in approximate grit sizes of:

  • 80 - Violet (Not available in 1.0mm size)
  • 120 - Green
  • 180 - Gold
  • 300 - Light Brown
  • 400 - Orange
  • 600 - Brown/Black
  • 800 - Blue
  • 1000 - White
  • 1200 - Red
Caution: When using with rotary tools, please wear protective glasses for safety. 

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