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Long Lasting and Gentle · Will Not Clog or Scratch

NEW Daiwa Rabin rubber grinding stones can do it all - from grinding and deburring applications to polishing and finishing on a wide variety of materials including tool steels, aluminum, stainless steel, resins, rubber, plastic, soft metals, brittle materials with high hardness, and even different types of coatings. Daiwa Rabin offers elasticity (softness) perfectly balanced with cutting quality, surface polishing capability, and durability.

Daiwa Rabin is soft and smooth enough to provide an evenly polished surface without leaving any deep scratches and is sharp enough for grinding and removing tooling marks and burs on tools steels and hardened work materials (around HRC60). Also a great choice for EDM scale removal.  Ideal for use on aluminum die cast products, Daiwa Rabin won’t cause scratches on the surface of the mold and eliminates concern about surface roughness or over-cutting, therefore, maintenance operations are hassle-free. 

Daiwa Rabin is extremely durable, and clog resistant making it long-lasting for continuous use. Because of its clog resistance, Daiwa Rabin is very effective during automation. These tools also fit curved surfaces well, providing steady grinding without jumping or chattering and a stable polishing surface with less workload.

Key Features:

  • Excellent polishing and deburring tool for a wide range of materials, sizes and shapes
  • Provides an evenly polished surface without leaving any deep scratches, unlike conventional papers and hard grinding stones
  • Won’t clog and can be easily dressed
  • High wear resistance, long-lasting
  • Can be used for both wet and dry applications
  • Great for automation applications

General Applications:

  • Polishing brazed parts
  • De-rusting
  • Processing burns at grinding and maintenance
  • EDM scale removal (electrical discharge machining)
  • Removing plating and coating
  • Removing adhesions to the mold surface during maintenance
  • On General Steels: polishing and removal of cutting and machining marks
  • On Aluminum: Improving surface roughness, retouching casting surfaces, maintenance of die cast molds, deburring
  • On Stainless Steel: great for removal and retouching of weld beads
  • On Iron based cast parts, forged parts, and molds: deburring after grinding and cutting

Daiwa Rabin has a wide variety of products available including additional grain types, grits, shapes, sizes, etc. Have an application you’d like to discuss? Contact Mold Polishing Sales at for technical support.

Caution: When using with rotary tools, please wear the protective glasses for the safety.
Maximum RPM speeds range from 20,000 - 30,000. Please review enclosed product insert as speeds vary according to size. 

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