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Price: $2.55 to $19.39
AM-8 EDM Polishing Stone: An aluminum oxide finishing stone designed for removing EDM scale on all types of mold and die steel and is the hardest stone that we manufacture. Particularly great for use on heat treated steels.


Price: $2.41 to $16.27
AS-9 EDM Polishing Stone: Our most popular EDM Polishing Stone! Similar to the AM-8 but softer, the AS-9 is an aluminum oxide finishing stone engineered for hand stoning EDM scale surfaces as well as cutting marks and machining marks.


Price: $3.71 to $24.84
AS-9 PLUS EDM Polishing Stone: Manufactured using premium pink aluminum oxide grain that offers superior finishing capabilities.
Golden Star EDM Polishing Stone: Made with premium aluminum oxide grain & a proprietary treatment process. Delivers exceptional performance on EDM surfaces, milling & machining marks. Medium hardness with fast breakdown offering quick material removal.

Orange EDM

Price: $2.55 to $10.43
Orange EDM Polishing Stone: Designed as an excellent tool for fast EDM scale removal. Manufactured with unique extra sharp aluminum oxide grain and a special bond, the Orange EDM holds its shape and provides fast and consistent cutting.