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Work Finisher Tool

Ceramic Deburring & Deflashing Knife Series

Work Finisher Tools feature a ceramic blade ideal for deburring and deflashing hard plastics while eliminating the fear of cutting your hands, fingers or damaging the molded part in the process. These tools excel on ultra-hard resins like glass-fiber, carbon-fiber and talc filled plastics. They also work well for deburring and chamfering non-ferrous metal such as copper, aluminum and brass products. The blade holds its edge indefinitely without re-sharpening, will never rust, and is non-magnet and chemical resistant. 

To Use: Incline the ceramic blade on the workpiece at an angle of 30-70 degrees depending on the amount of flash/burr to be removed and pull toward yourself. 

Available in 3 different sizes: 

Large Work Finisher Tool has an easy-grip, plastic handle and measures 175mm overall with a 40mm long blade. Blade is not replaceable. 

Small Work Finisher Tool has a non-roll, plastic handle and measures 133mm overall with a 25mm long blade. Blade is not replaceable.

Micro Pen Work Finisher Tool has a 2-jaw chuck for easy blade replacement and a plastic handle. Measures 142mm overall with a 10mm long blade. Blades are replaceable and sold separately in packages of 5. The Micro Pen is excellent for deburring and deflashing precision parts. 

Use all Work Finisher Tools with safety glasses and gloves. Avoid heavy impact to the ceramic blade. 
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