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Restore surface finishes while providing an excellent high luster sheen. 

BORIDE Mold Polish safely removes rust, oxidation, diamond polish haze, plate-out and stains from any metal surface. It's ideal for the final finish on all types of mold and dies resulting in a high luster sheen without any harsh odors. 

 · Easy application and removal, wipes off quickly without leaving any residue
·  Imparts a high polished finish with very little effort
·  Can be used on typical mold steels plus brass, bronze, aluminum, & chrome 
·  Removes haze, tarnish, dirt, oils, and stains 
·  Will clean and remove haze from the mold surface without causing fine scratches 
·  Leaves a protective film which retards oxidation and rust 
·  Non-hazardous, non-corrosive, no harsh odors
·  Non-abrasive diamond formulation

Mold Polish is packaged in a syringe for precise application without contamination. Sold individually in (1) 20 gram syringe.  

Use these helpful links for further information: 

·  Safety Data Sheet

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