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Price: $3.21 to $45.79
RASP Specialty Polishing Stone: Our most versatile all-around finishing stone! Made from select premium aluminum oxide grain & developed by professionals in the trade. Has an outstanding cut & finish on most tool steels, aluminum & even EDM surfaces.


Price: $3.21 to $45.79
PC Specialty Polishing Stone: Made from premium select aluminum oxide grain, premium bond and a proprietary treatment process. It is a quick contouring finishing stone designed for rapid stock removal. Engineered to be used as a final finishing stone.


Price: $2.90 to $45.79
T2 Specialty Polishing Stone for Stainless Steel


Price: $2.90 to $45.79
T4 Specialty Polishing Stone for Aluminum surfaces


Price: $2.36 to $42.35
AO Specialty Polishing Stone: Filled with lubricant during the manufacturing process, AO does not require lengthy pre-lubrication. Offers excellent breakdown characteristics & yet retains its shape well, especially when polishing mold cavity details.


Price: $2.90 to $45.79
TH Specialty Polishing Stone: Made from premium grade aluminum oxide, then specially treated to provide a load resistant, smooth cutting action. Holds its shape making it ideal for polishing corners. Excellent stone choice for EDM surfaces.


Price: $3.72 to $8.84
900-F Specialty Polishing Stone: An aluminum oxide stone with super-fine structure & excellent breakdown properties for final finishing prior to mirror (diamond polished) finishing. Primarily used for hand finishing operations.