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Formulated for mold polishing to clean, lubricate and prevent stone loading.

Environmentally friendly and non-hazardous, BORI-LUBE 10 is a water-based lubricant available in gallon size containers.

Differences between BORI-LUBE 10 Polishing Lubricant and BORIDE Premium Stoning Oil:

  • BORIDE Premium Stoning Oil is a petroleum based lubricant. It is nearly odor free, not harsh on the hands like other oil based lubricants, such as kerosene, and does not promote oxidization on molds and dies. It is available in Pint and Gallon size containers.  
  • BORI-LUBE 10 is a water based, surfactant type lubricant. It is environmentally friendly, odor free, and easy to clean off molds and dies. It is available in Gallon size containers.
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