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Price: $2.43 to $17.81
CS General Purpose Polishing Stone: A soft black silicon carbide finishing stone designed to breakdown rapidly & conform to a variety of details & is mostly used for hand polishing. Used on all tool steels & for roughing out some non-ferrous materials.


Price: $2.70 to $35.66
CS-M General Purpose Polishing Stone: A premium green silicon carbide finishing stone with superb cutting capabilities. A special bond makes CS-M non-loading with a medium soft hardness for excellent polishing. Produces a silky matte finish.


Price: $2.70 to $35.66
CS-HD General Purpose Polishing Stone: Compared to the CS or CS-M, CS-HD has a harder structure & breaks down more slowly. Can be used to polish even the hardest die & mold steels. Great for use on EDM surfaces.