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10 Piece Kit · 3mm Mandrel · Polishing & Deburring Kit

Daiwa Rabin rubber grinding stones are an excellent tool for grinding, deburring, polishing and finishing on a wide variety of materials including tool steels, aluminum, stainless steel, resins, rubber, plastic, soft metals, brittle materials with high hardness, and even different types of coatings. Daiwa Rabin offers elasticity (softness) perfectly balanced with cutting quality, surface polishing capability, and durability. Available in a convenient 10 piece polishing and deburring kit. 

Kit contains: 

Grit   Size (diameter x length)   Max RPM   Quantity 
80  5mm x 15mm  30,000  2 pcs. 
120  5mm x 15mm  30,000  2 pcs. 
220  5mm x 15mm  30,000  2 pcs. 
320  5mm x 15mm  30,000  2 pcs. 
1000   4mm x 13mm  30,000  1 pc
3000  4mm x 13mm  30,000  1 pc

Caution: When using with rotary tools, please wear the protective glasses for the safety.

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