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Achievement in Workplace Safety

  1. 7/10/2023
  2. BORIDE Engineered Abrasives has worked hard over its’ existence as a local manufacturer to provide a safe working environment for all employees.  “Employees are key to business success” is a pillar of our Quality Policy.  We strive to communicate on a daily basis regarding items in our plant that may affect our employees, their work processes, and their job responsibilities.  We encourage everyone to lead from where they stand and communicate in a timely manner when things do not “seem right”, because, most times things are not right and require the attention of our support groups to help remedy the situation.

    By working together, we are able to check and adjust on a daily basis to insure the safe operation of our plant.  And together we can celebrate this milestone of a safe working environment – 5 years without a lost time accident.  We thank our employees for their hard work and dedication!  Congratulations on this great achievement.

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