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ENESKAsonic Ultrasonic Polisher Set

  1. 3/7/2023
  2. Product Spotlight

    We'd like to tell you more about the most innovative advancement in the field of ultrasonic polishing, the ENESKAsonic Ultrasonic System! This leading edge system offers convenient high-tech engineering and a sophisticated design.

    • Used for polishing and lapping in the frequency range of 20 and 30 kH
    • Intuitive touch operation combined with a rotary controller on high-quality glass
    • Modern LED-assisted multi-functional display
    • Auto Tune function that determines optimum frequency
    • Boost function for applications requiring greater power
    • Adjustable power control suitable for fine, delicate work
    • Lightweight and comfortable handpiece
    • Available in 110v & 220v options
    • Made in Germany


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